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  • Late Lunch
  • Chris P Bacon
  • 21/02/2012
I was in the area so popped along to the The Green Grocers to see what they had to offer.

The cafe itself is a part of the organic supermarket and as such follows the organic way. This is not your traditional 'greasy spoon' but a fairly middle class establishment, I don't have a problem with this by the way.

I opted for the Norfolk Breakfast which consisted of eggs, bacon, field mushrooms, tomato and 'organic' toast and was fairly pricey at £5.95 (not including a hot beverage). The meal was very well presented and it was obvious that the ingredients were good quality as it was very tasty (a vegetarian option was also available).

The rest of the menu was what you would expect from an organic eaterie such as this and all the food looked very good.

Personally I found the food to value ratio somewhat lacking as the breakfast was expensive for what it was but it was tasty and it's obviously a popular place to eat as it was very busy.

I would recommend going here for an occasional treat or if you wanted to impress a friend/partner.


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