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  • Friday Night Grease Stop
  • Chris P Bacon
  • 10/12/2009
When driving through redneck country a highlight of the trip is to stop at Fleet Hargate and sample the delights of the Anglia Motel.

I've stopped here a few times over the years and this always seems less popular than the Farm Cafe opposite and I'm not sure why as it's just as good.

I opted for egg, bacon, chips and beans and was presented with a good plateful. The bacon was top quality and plentiful, the chips really chunky and the egg fried to perfection. The beans weren't great but they were more than adequate.

The cafe is very large and split into two sections, one has the classic cafe fixed plastic tables and chairs (presumably for truckers) and the other with standard tables and chairs with tablecloths (the tables, not the chairs).

In addition to the cafe the venue also boasts accommodation (hence the name), military hardware (I guess obsolete) stationed outside, a function room, garden centre, military museum and the best of all a microlight landing strip!! Artwork by a local artist was also available but it was expensive and probably not to most peoples taste.

The service was good, the food was good and the price was about right (I think it was about six quid including a cuppa). If you find yourself unlucky enough to travel along the A17 then I would recommend a visit (don't forget the Farm Cafe on the way back though).


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