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  • Egg, Bacon, Chips and Beans
  • Chris P Bacon
  • 21/04/2009
I used to come here regularly years ago when it was called Lynn's so have been keen to give it a try for a while as it used to be a firm favourite.

With trepidation I climbed the steep familiar stairs and was I was not disappointed after plumping for the classic EBCB at £4.55 including a mug of tea (£3.65 without). There was two good bits of bacon, one egg, a 'good' amount of beans and a mountain of chips.

The chips were of the quite thin variety (not fries) and were cooked so that they were nice and fluffy. The beans tasted like they were good ones and the egg was nicely cooked.

It wasn't too busy but a little strange to be back after so long. It has received a lick of bland paint that doesn't do it much justice but it is clean and the pictures on the wall are pure cafe gold!

I found it a little strange that all the condiments were kept on a shelf rather than on each table and there were no serviettes (that I could find anyway).

Looking forward to a return trip at some point to sample some of the other delights.


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