The main purpose of the site is to allow visitors and members to locate a cafe they might like to visit for a fried meal. Traditionally these cafes are small businesses so this site could generate more business for these much loved establishments.

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Please consider and follow these guidelines when you are submitting content so that everyone can get the maximum benefit from the site

  • Try and be positive even if you did not enjoy the food you ordered. Just because you did not like it does not mean that someone else will not enjoy the food.
  • If you have a bad experience with food, service or the physical establishment try and see the funny side rather than ranting about the cafe.
  • Try and be polite about the cafe. Remember these are small businesses and do not need adverse publicity regardless of what you thought about the food, staff or building.
  • Try to be polite about the staff, not everyone enjoys their job and remember we all have bad days sometimes.
  • Remember that offensive or inappropriate material will not be tolerated and will be removed. This could result in the suspension of your account (see our terms and conditions ), you have been warned!
  • This site is for independent cafes and not big roadside chains, well known fast food outlets or supermarkets. The "big guys" are mostly consistent in their premises, food and preparation (consistently good or bad, the choice is yours).
  • Please do include roadside burgers stands and vans, these are invaluable on long journeys and it's useful to know where to find them.

If you own a cafe please feel free to contribute but remember this site is not a vehicle for you to promote your own establishment and biased submissions will be removed. The idea is to build a national network for all to enjoy.

Most importantly try and remember to have fun on your greasy adventures!